Choosing The Right Speaker Leads


Speaker leads also have a significant effect on sound quality - using lengths of old doorbell wire will strangle your sound no matter how good your kit may be! Choose proper loudspeaker cables such as our Neutrik Grade speaker lead options (here at Images we have 60 leads available from stock with varying lengths and connections) and you can connect them to your speakers and amplifiers carefully with confidence that you are using the best recommended connectors.


Note : Short circuit caused by loose strands of wire touching each other can fry your amplifier, and the repairs won’t be covered by your warranty.


5 Key Speaker Leads Tips


1. Make sure you use equal lengths of cable even if one speaker is right next to your amplifier while the other is several feet away.


2. Don’t make a neat coil of any excess speaker cable because that encourages it to act like an aerial and pick up interference.


3. Keep interconnect and speaker cables away from mains cables wherever you can - at the very least avoid running mains cables close and parallel to any cables carrying audio signals. This will help to avoid nasty hums and buzzes.


4. If you use bare wire cables in your set up, it’s worth cutting off the exposed wire every six months, and stripping back a fresh section. This is because metal oxidizes in air, degrading the connection.


5. Keep cable runs as short as possible and always use the same length of cable for each speaker. Signals take time to travel down a cable and even a delay of a fraction of a second can make an audible difference.


Remember – your sound system is only as good as it’s weakest link. Worthwhile audio cables use high quality materials and connectors, are carefully designed and manufactured for the best sonic performance, and are configured to reject interference. Make sure your speaker leads are up to the job!


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